Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #1

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #1

Welcome to Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers
where talented authors choose a picture
to write 200 words about. That is only
200 words, no more and no less. Think it
sounds easy? It's not. After reading my story
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“Do you like that bitch?” Mia spanked Jeremy with a cat of nine tails while holding him down with her high heeled foot. “Yes mistress. Please.” “Please what slave?” “More. Harder.” His cock pressed against the front of his leather thongs threatening to push a hole right through them as Mia spanked him harder.
Jeremy was normally thought of as a tough guy. He taught wrestling at the local gym and worked out on a daily basis. He was known as a guy who would stand up for a woman who is being bullied by her lover and the guy who would catch a purse thief in the middle of a robbery. Everyone looked up to him. Still, at the end of the day when it was time to wind down, he’d call Mia to come make him her love slave. It was a change from the idolization he got wherever he went. Mia didn’t idolize him. She dominated him.
Mia strapped on her eight inch dildo and ripped Jeremy’s thongs off. She then reached around, grabbed his hard cock and rammed the silicon into is tight ass. “Oh yes!” “You like that hard cock, don’t you bitch?” “Yes mistress.”

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  1. It is very very hot in here. It's very hot. I'm very hot and I think I need a very cold drink. It's hot. Did I mention hot?

  2. ***fan, please***....please!!! Yes, well, this was a scortcher. He's in for the relief of his life!:) xo

  3. So hot!! I loved the way she controlled a man who thought himself as Mr Tough. Beware your Mistress Jeremy!

  4. Damn! I need a cold shower. LOL
    Definitely a scorcher Leann.

  5. Well, then :fans self: It's nice to see someone who knows what they need and who they are, and is able to relinquish control like that.

  6. *blinks* Very clear image here, Leann! Wow. Nicely done...

  7. I like a man who knows what he likes and it looks like he's really going to get it! Hot!

  8. Wow, Thank you all for the awesome comments.

  9. Oh yeah. Nice to see someone voluntarily relinquish power like that.

  10. That is exactly the story I'm writing now! A strong brute of a man secretly needing submission. Loved your post!

  11. Awesome Bonni! I am so glad you liked it!

  12. When someone is always in charge and held to higher standards the stress that they accumulate is astronomical. To be able to trust enough to relinquish that role is indeed a blessing. Great TTT! :D

  13. LOL, yes, this pushed my boundaries, but the story underneath the sex wsa what I got from it. That those who often have appear to have everything under control are the ones who most need to let someone else take control of them. You illistrated the paradox beautifully and it was well written. Thanks for sharing.

  14. JP is exactly right but I just have to add, explosively sexy!