Friday, September 14, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #8 - Her Little Secret

It's Friday again, and that means it's time for another flash of fiction. In case you're new, Friday is the day some talented authors and myself write a 100 word short inspired by a single picture. I have a funny little tease for you today and hope you all enjoy it. When you're finished reading it, please click the links at the bottom of the page to enjoy more Flashes from my peers.

Sasha lay on the red satin sheets waiting for the two guys she picked up to get ready for their evening of fun.
Show night was always exciting for her. The lounge would fill up with men and women, she’d perform, and afterward she would sit at the bar and have a drink. She never went back to her room alone.
The two guys were almost completely stripped. A smirk crossed Sasha's face as she thought “They have no clue what’s under my dress. Tonight I’m going to teach them what it feels like to really get their asses reamed!”
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #7

Happy Friday! It is flash fiction time, and you know what that means! Several authors and myself get to write a 100 word flash based on one picture! It may sound easy but it's not. It can get quite challenging. After reading my little take, click on the links at the bottom of the page to see what the other's wrote! Enjoy!

Kyle sat on the lonely little chair in the otherwise empty room. He had stripped naked just a few minutes ago and was waiting for Dianna to do the same. “Come here, pet,” he said seductively. Dianna, now also naked, walked over to her master. “Kneel before me.” Dianna did as she was told. Kyle looked down and smiled.
Dianna looked up at her master, waiting for him to instruct her. She was eager to please him, but dared not speak. “Please me.” Dianna grabbed his shaft and bent down, wrapping her lips around the head of his hard cock.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #8 - Happy Reunion Continued

It's another beautiful Tuesday and I have a very steamy teaser to share. Just in case you're unaware, Tuesday is the day myself and several author friends get to choose a picture and write a 200 word teaser about it. Click on their links at the bottom of the page to check out their stories.

Lauren gasped as Brandon gripped her ass and plunged his tongue deep inside her pussy. “Yes, baby! That’s it,” she breathed. Brandon massaged her pussy with his lips as he French kissed her sweet hole. That was one thing Lauren definitely missed about him. He was the only man who had ever kissed her pussy as deeply and passionately as he did her mouth and it felt so good. It was the most erotic sensation she had ever experienced.
After French kissing her pussy for a while, which sent Lauren nearly to the edge of ecstasy, Brandon flattened his tongue and licked from her honey pot to her swollen nub. Lauren nearly squealed when Brandon started circling her clit with his tongue. “Oh my God baby, don’t stop,” she moaned. She started to perspire and her body began shaking as he closed his lips around her button and started sucking and licking it. At the same time, he placed two fingers inside her and rammed her pussy hard. Lauren moaned and screamed with pleasure. “Baby, I’m going to come!” Lauren’s body convulsed with orgasm as her juices flowed into Brandon’s mouth which he eagerly lapped up, making Lauren’s body jerk.

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Flash Fiction Friday # 6 - First Kiss

Happy Friday everyone! It's Flash Fiction Time and you know what that means. Several of my author friends and I get to write a 100 word short on the picture above! This weeks story by me is called "First Kiss." When you're done reading it, please visit the links at the bottom of the page to read what the other's wrote. You won't be disappointed, as they are all very talented! Enjoy!

“Wow, you have an impressive library!” It was the first time Chloe had been to Robert’s house. He said he liked to read, but she didn’t expect him to have this many books. She was even more impressed to find out that he had read every single one of them.
She was standing there looking at all the books, when without warning Robert bent down, grabbed her face, and planted the biggest, most passionate kiss on her lips. She was stunned, and the way he kissed her made her wet. Afterward, he looked at her lovingly and replied, “Good kisser.”  

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #7 - Happy Reunion

Time for another Tuesday Teaser! In case you didn't know, Tuesday is the day several authors and myself choose a picture to write 200 words about. We aren't allowed to write any more or any less than that. Check out the links at the bottom of the page to read everyone else's teasers, but in the mean time enjoy "Happy Reunion." 

Lauren waited at the bus station for the 5 o’clock bus to arrive. It had been nearly a year since she had seen Brandon and she was both nervous and excited.
Brandon was the love of her life. They had been married for two years then he had to go away on business across seas. Damn, she missed him.
Oh my god! Here it comes! Lauren’s heart dropped to her stomach. The anticipation was murder on her nerves. The bus stopped and she watched several people exit the bus. Then, there he was, just as gorgeous as she remembered.
“BRANDON,” she squealed. She ran to him and jumped into his strong arms and they kissed passionately for the first time in what seemed like ages.
When they got home, Brandon picked Lauren up, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and they made out like teenagers right in the middle of the living room. His cock began to stiffen at the taste of her lips. How he missed those lips.
Brandon walked her to the bed, laid her down, and removed her pants and panties at the same time. She spread her legs and he nestled his head between them. 

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #5 Afternoon Delight

It's Friday! And you know what that means? Me and a few of my author friends get to flash you with a 100 word short based on the picture above. When you're done reading my take on the picture, check out the links at the bottom of the page to see how it inspired the others. Enjoy!

Francesca walked into the living room after work to find Havelah butt- ass nude, legs spread doing push-ups on the floor. It seemed like she had been at it for a while since she was panting and grunting harshly. Francesca didn’t want to interrupt her so she leaned on the door frame and watched her do thrust after thrust, panting and grunting louder each time until her body convulsed and she finally stopped.
Havelah pushed herself up to a standing position to reveal a huge dildo stuck to the floor. “So this is what you do in your free time?”

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tantelizing Tuesday Teaser #6 - Portal to her Soul

It's time for more Tuesday Teasers! In case you're unaware, Tuesday is the day me and a bunch of other authors get to write a 200 word short on a picture of our choosing. When you're done reading my contribution check out what my fellow authors have to offer by following their links at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

They say the eyes are the portal to your soul. What do you see when you look into my eyes? Look deeply and know my thoughts and my desires. Am I weak and easily taken advantage of? Am I strong and can get through any obstacle life throws in my way? Do you see pain or do you see triumph?
I see a woman begging to be touched delicately. Whose heart has been torn from her chest time and time again, yet survived. I see the desire to be truly loved and cherished, yet fear of allowing your heart to be vulnerable. I see pain and triumph both at the same time. There is no weakness in your soul, only want.
Yes, I want to be touched. I want to be loved and never hurt again. I want to be kissed passionately to the point of feeling fire shoot through my body. I want to know that I have my soul mate. The one I am to be with for the rest of eternity. I tire of playing games.
I love you.
Tell me again.
I love you.
I feel my heart melt when you speak those words. Fuck me.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tantelizing Tuesday Teaser #5

Welcome to another Tantelizing Tuesday. It's that time where several authors challenge themselves with writing a 200 word short on a picture of their choosing. When you're finished reading my little contribution this week, check out what the other talented authors have to offer by following the links at the end of the page. Enjoy.

Sharlene sat at the piano for what seemed like hours, staring at the keys. She reminisced of times spent with Klyde. She began fingering the keys and notes she never heard before began to play. She closed her eyes and images played in her mind as the music flowed.
His fingers played over her body elegantly. He knew exactly what he was doing and where to touch to get the most erotic responses from her. Klyde was truly a master with his hands. Klyde manipulated her body as well as he manipulated the beautiful ivory keys when he was teaching her how to play the large instrument. He was as talented as he was charming.
Tears flowed from her eyes as she remembered Klydes touch, and the music got more and more intense. Sharlene’s breath began to catch and her pulse began to quicken as the most beautiful images of their love making played in her head. It was almost as if his ghost was right there, fucking her while she played a song that seemed to form out of nowhere.
He was gone forever, except in her memories. Why did you leave me Klyde? Wasn’t our love worth living for?  

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tantelizing Tuesday Teaser #4 - Forbidden Encounter (The girl in this story is a young adult.)

It's time for another Tantelizing Tuesday! In case you don't know, Tuesday is the day several authors write a 200 word short based a picture of their choosing. We're not allowed to write any more or any less than 200 words, so it gets a bit challenging. After reading my steamy tale, check out the other author's stories by clicking on their links at the bottom of the page.

Clarissa exited the restroom, wrapped only in her bath towel. She walked through the living room where Uncle Frank was watching TV, and into the kitchen to pour herself a cup of water.
Out of nowhere, her towel was snatched off her body from behind. She was lifted up onto the counter with one smooth motion, and Uncle Frank’s middle finger went right up into her freshly cleaned pussy.  
Clarissa gasped with surprise. “What are you doing Uncle Frank?” She asked in confusion. “Showing my favorite niece some love.” With that, he held her hands behind her back with his left hand while he pounded her pussy with the finger inside her. “Does my little girl enjoy that?” He asked her.
She loved the sensation of what Uncle Frank was doing to her, but she knew it was wrong. Still, she couldn’t help but to wonder what other pleasures he had to offer.
Uncle Frank removed his finger and dipped down to taste Clarissa’s sweet honey pot. He spread her lips and began to suck and lick her swollen clit causing her to spasm. God, he was hard. He couldn’t wait to fuck her. He had waited too long already. 

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #4 - The Blind Date

It's Flash Fiction Friday again. Let's see how this week's picture  has inspired the talented authors. In case you're unaware, we all have to write a 100 word short on the chosen picture for the week. We're not allowed to write any more or any less than 100 words. It isn't easy, but it's excellent exercise for our muses. When you're finished reading my little contribution, check out what the other talented authors have to offer through the links at the end of the page. Enjoy.

It was cold, wet, and the streetlights were too bright for her liking. It had been an awful night for Desiree Fontaine. Her best friend thought it would be a delightful idea to set her up on a blind date. She knew it was a bad idea, but Samantha wouldn’t take no for an answer.
Ryan was a complete jerk. He had been a total ass throughout the entire date and left Desiree to walk home alone, in the rain, after she shoved him off of her when he tried to dry hump her in the booth at the restaurant.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Tantelizing Tuesday Teaser #3

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means! It's teaser time, where several authors choose a picture to write 200 words about. The hard thing is, we aren't allowed to write any more or any less than 200 words. This week, I am giving you glimpse of what my life has been like for the past month and a half. Afterward, check out the other stories through the links I provide at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

Rebecca sighed as tears fell down her face. Not having Brad in her life was the most painful feeling she had ever experienced. She felt as if she was surrounded by darkness forever. He was the love of her life. Everything she ever did was for him. Still, it was never enough.

She knew Brad loved her deeply, but he was an alcoholic. When the alcohol summoned him, their love, their life together didn’t matter. He would become someone completely different. When he was drunk, she didn’t even know him. Finally, it became too much and she left. She hoped that he loved her so much that it would force him to sober up. Then he’d come back to her at a later time. A new man. Then they’d start over and have the kind of relationship they deserved.
In the times where he seemed to be trying to stay away from his demon, Brad would treat Rebecca like a queen. The way he looked at her with such love sent chills throughout her body. When he was inside her, shockwaves would wrack her being. It was as if they truly were one. Now, life seemed cold and meaningless.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #3

It is Flash Fiction Friday again where talented authors
do their best to create a 100 word short based on a picture
chosen for the group. It's not easy to write 100 words when
you can't go over or under that. Some pictures are harder than
others as well. Like this week's photo. When you're done reading
mine, check out the links at the end to see how the other talented
authors fared. This could be fun!

Justin’s eyes were getting heavier and heavier the more Mr. Swanson spoke. Was this meeting ever going to end? He’s heard it all before: “We need to pay more attention to our customers and kiss their perfect behinds in order to increase our sales! Yes that means put up with any amount of bullshit you have to in order to make them feel special.” Okay, so those weren’t his exact words but he might as well have said them. God the man just never shuts up! Oh my god, not the projector. Now the meeting will never end. Snore, drool.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tantelizing Tuesday Teaser #2

It's that time again where authors do their best to write a 200 word
teaser on a photo of their choice. That's 200 words only, no more
no less. When you're done reading check out the links at the bottom
of the page to see what the other authors have to offer. Enjoy!

Annaliese ascended the stairs to her room at the convent. She closed the door, walked over to her bed, sat down, and began removing her habit to ready herself for bed. Her breasts popped out of her blouse as she unbuttoned it, and she couldn’t help but to look down at them. They were full, perky, and sexy.
Annaliese closed her eyes. “Why do I desire the touch of a man so much?” Her pussy began to tingle as she slid her hand underneath the fabric of her bra. She rubbed and pinched her nipple making it hard as desire swept her entire body.  
Before she could think about whether or not she was committing a sin, she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Still playing with her nipple with one hand, she slid her other hand down her panties and began frantically rubbing her hard throbbing clit with her middle finger. Her pussy became hot and wet with desire.
She stroked herself harder and faster getting closer and closer to climax when all of a sudden there were two knocks on the door. “Sister Annaliese? Is it okay if I come in?” “This is not happening.”

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #2

It's Flash Fiction Friday where some very talented authors
are given a picture to write a 100 word short on. That's
100 words even. No more no less. Think it sounds easy?
Think again. After the short check out the links to the
other authors to read how the picture inspired them.
Now for my 100 words. Enjoy.

Belinda screamed as she frantically scrambled over the giant pillows on the bed. She glanced behind her for a split second but that was all the time he needed. Joel pounced on her and started tickling her everywhere. “I can’t breathe! Stop! Stop it! Mother fucker! I told you to fucking quit!” She screamed as she kicked him in the side. Joel immediately stopped tickling her. “Now you’re going to get it!” He then reached between her legs, slid his hand into her cream silk panties, and slid his finger into her moist love hole. “Fuck me baby,” she gasped.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #1


Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday
Where a picture inspires a short
of only 100 words. No more no less
Follow the links at the end to
read how others were inspired.
Now for my 100 words.

Sasha sat in her favorite chair pondering how to tell her family she was a lesbian.
She had been hiding her secret for so long now that she didn’t know how they would take the news. It was definitely time to tell them.
She had been seeing Kristy for three years now and she didn’t want to keep her a secret anymore. She loved her deeply.  The way she smelled. The way she tasted. Yes, Kristy was perfect. Now was the time to stop hiding her behind a veil of lies and introduce her to her family as she deserved.