Friday, May 4, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #2

It's Flash Fiction Friday where some very talented authors
are given a picture to write a 100 word short on. That's
100 words even. No more no less. Think it sounds easy?
Think again. After the short check out the links to the
other authors to read how the picture inspired them.
Now for my 100 words. Enjoy.

Belinda screamed as she frantically scrambled over the giant pillows on the bed. She glanced behind her for a split second but that was all the time he needed. Joel pounced on her and started tickling her everywhere. “I can’t breathe! Stop! Stop it! Mother fucker! I told you to fucking quit!” She screamed as she kicked him in the side. Joel immediately stopped tickling her. “Now you’re going to get it!” He then reached between her legs, slid his hand into her cream silk panties, and slid his finger into her moist love hole. “Fuck me baby,” she gasped.

Now for the links to the other stories.
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  1. That was hot....Great flash fic for sure...

  2. Ouch! At least she didn't kick him in the balls :) Great flash Leann. I liked your take on the picture.

  3. Damn Leann! This was fun. Love what you did with this!

  4. such a temper :) he certainly knows what buttons to push
    Great fun flash

  5. Great flash, Leanne, I loved it! And it ended on a high note:) xo

  6. I'd have to fight too if it always ended that way, great flash!