Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #3

It is Flash Fiction Friday again where talented authors
do their best to create a 100 word short based on a picture
chosen for the group. It's not easy to write 100 words when
you can't go over or under that. Some pictures are harder than
others as well. Like this week's photo. When you're done reading
mine, check out the links at the end to see how the other talented
authors fared. This could be fun!

Justin’s eyes were getting heavier and heavier the more Mr. Swanson spoke. Was this meeting ever going to end? He’s heard it all before: “We need to pay more attention to our customers and kiss their perfect behinds in order to increase our sales! Yes that means put up with any amount of bullshit you have to in order to make them feel special.” Okay, so those weren’t his exact words but he might as well have said them. God the man just never shuts up! Oh my god, not the projector. Now the meeting will never end. Snore, drool.

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  1. Loved it! Oh no the projector!!! He should really think about his career choice.

    1. I agree Bonni. I am so glad you liked it. It was a hard one.

  2. Great flasher. Meetings can be so boring!

  3. I have so many meetings and I fear they turn out just like this - boring!!! Loved it............oh, NO!! Not the PROJECTOR!?!?!? LOL:) xo

  4. Loved it...I think we are on the same train of thought..Mine will be up tomorrow....

  5. Oh my god, not the projector. <--awesome, lol!! When he got to this thought I was right there with him, great build. Excellent flash.

  6. Ha! Love the drooling! These meetings are exactly like that aren't they! Great post!

  7. Oh no the dreaded projector. Great FFF!