Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser # 12: Red is a Whore's Best Friend

It is Tuesday Teaser Time! What that means is a bunch of my peers and I get to write a 200 word teaser based on a picture of our choosing. I have an especially hot teaser today. I hope this leaves you hot and begging for more. 

Red is bold. It screams for attention and flirts with you. A girl who wears red is someone fun and full of fire. You know it’s going to be a good night when you come face to face with a girl in red. That’s why I wear it whenever I go out to parties. I like to see who I can pick up and show them a night they’ll never forget.

My red shoes are for dancing. They almost take on a personality of their own and my dress . . . My dress is slick, hot, and sexy. My nails let the guys know they’re in for stripes when they take me to bed.

Lastly, I paint my lips a hot hue.  I take special care with my lips. That way, as I drop to my knees and take my choice guy in my mouth, he can watch himself slide in and out as if he was fucking my sweet pussy. Only my pussy doesn’t have a tongue to slide up and down his shaft and twirl around his swollen head.

Yes, I chose this life and I love it. It’s a thrill being a professional hooker. 

Now that I'm done playing with you, click the links to play with my friends too! 

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  1. Wow! Hot!

    I loved the repetition and expansion on all of the things the "red" is for. Loved.

  2. Very cryptic until the end. I loved the flow of the tease. Excellent piece!

  3. Loved the explanation of liking red. And a build up to the reason. Great teaser

  4. This was a great piece of work. It was erotic, exciting and descriptive. "Stripes"? Jesus, this was a fabulous build up around "red". And I would say,"Come-fuck-me-red" with attitude. I loved it, totally. Subtle, strong, independent and go fuck yourself if you don't like my lifestyle. It's MINE!! Great tease and a terrific platform for a very captivating story:) xo

  5. Wow! So vidily descriptive and leading me into her red lifestyle to live life as a hooker. You varied your choice of words for color beautifully, fire, slick, hot and sexy, hot hue.Extremely well done.

  6. You're red-hot this week, Leanne. (See what I did?) This would be a gorgeous opening to a memoir or full-scale novel. It's attention-grabbing, highly erotic and full of personality. Absolutely loved it.